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*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*

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hot [Nov. 17th, 2010|10:48 pm]
*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*
HEY!! thought you will like to know that Candi_Cruz its now live on dirtystage watch it now.. don miss it!

Hi [May. 23rd, 2010|04:36 am]
*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*

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Hi, I'm new here, but I just really wanted to write this somewhere because I really hate my ex with a passion that I cannot even begin to describe.  I'm not exactly sure how to post this in a good way (if such a thing exists) and I'm really sorry that this is so long.  If there is some sort of word limit I apologize and will take down this post as soon as possible.

I guess I started it all by asking him, X some guy in one of my courses, to go to coffee with my friends and I.  Eventually I ended up asking him to come to a weekly drinking night with some of my friends and after a couple of weeks he ended up asking me out.  The day he asked me out he told me that he liked me best, but he also liked my close friend M.  He said he liked her significantly less than me so, like an idiot I thought that it was ok to go out with the moron. 

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helllo there :] [Jan. 11th, 2010|06:27 pm]
*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*


the post below me, almost made me cry , (the one by jess)

oh god. so everybody has a story right ... mine started almost 3 years ago...

summer 2007, I met a guy, thru mutal friends, a goofy , silly, asshole, akward kind of person, ( we were like 15, so still growing into ourselfs) we ended up going out, & liking eachother ; we broke up tho ofcourse (we were sooo young) a year later, we decided to go out again, I remember the exact moment we fell in  love, we both felt something, & we knew it..

but we found that we fought.. more than normal happy couples should.. we went thru at least 4 big breakups over the course of the next 2 years, each time they were longer & longer intervals, we were falling apart..
& we were in denial.
he loved me, with everything & anything a person could love someone with. I loved him too, but just wasnt on the same page, ill admit i was immautre..

we were trying so hard to make it work. I was selfish , im sorry .
Im so sorry.

I pushed him to the edge. Its 7 months later. I have more feelings for him than ever. . Its like I love him more and more everyday..

I know he doesnt want to be with me,
he doesnt want to go out for no reason.
I know he loved me. Maybe still does.

We;ve spoken about getting back together; & to him, it looks like a big N;O.
its so devistated..

I just feel so different about him now..

Ive gone out. , every weekend , for  7 months straight. Ive done my crying.
If we never go out for the rest of our lives , I get its my fault.
I need him to know i still love him, & i want to give him the world , & more;

he was my everything, .. & i know im not alloud to show it..

but , baby, you still are <3

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I already posted this in my journal, but... [Jan. 29th, 2008|11:23 am]
*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*
[Current Location |College Library, (Crying)]
[how ya feelin doll? |distresseddistressed]

Ok, so me and my boyfriend of 2 years and Two weeks broke up on Saturday...

It was a mutual break-up, and I was fine with it when we decided it should happen, because I knew it was for the best, but of course now I'm completely devastated. I don't know how I'm going to cope.

I loved him so much, and he meant absolutely everything to me.

I've never, ever fit in with society, I'm a complete outcast. I just can't function in society. I don't know who I am, I'm just completely lost in this world. I don't belong here, I never have and never will. I don't know how to function as a human being. What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to act?

I don't belong to this world. Was my existence a mistake, or just a sick, cruel joke?

At least when I was with him, I felt like I belonged somewhere, even if it was just in the world I shared with him, in his arms.

He helped me so much. He pulled me out of my depression, he helped me gain some confidence, he made me feel better about how I looked, he helped me get out of a potential eating disorder before it was too late and I was too far gone, he helped me make friends with some of the people at college, he helped me lose some of the fear of going out to socialise a little bit, he got me a job where he works, he helped me pass my Maths GCSE...

He's done so much for me, and now we're not together. Now I've got to go back to being the shy, scared girl, hiding in a corner because no-one wants her around, but now she has no-one to reassure her that she is wanted, and that people do like her, and that everyone around her aren't out to get her,
and that she's a lovely, beautiful girl and he loves her, and cherishes her, and that she means everything to him, and he wants to hold her in his arms forever and keep her safe from all of her own irrational fears, because he knows she's scared and needs comforting, but not just by anyone, by him, because she loves him, and she knows he loves her back.

But now he doesn't love her anymore, not as anything more than a good friend. She's no longer his everything. She's no longer his 'baby', his 'sweetheart', his 'Muffin'. She's nothing. She's just cold dry ash, resting on his mantle, the cold dry ash she wants to be, the cold, dry ash she wants cancer to turn her into, the cancer she wants to spread through her body and become terminal, the cancer she wants to be incurable, the cancer she wants her last breath taken away by.

These feelings will pass, she knows they will. She doesn't want them to, she's afraid of their absence. She wants to love him forever, but not if he doesn't love her back, but he doesn't love her, so the feelings must go. They will subside. They'll leave her in peace and leave her, not necessarily happy, but perhaps somewhat content. Tranquil even. She can't wait until they leave, she wants the pain to go away, to forget that he ever meant anything to her, or maybe even that he ever existed. A nice bit of amnesia could do the trick.

No, she'll be okay. She'll learn to relax, she'll get on with her life. She'll still be quite afraid of what's awaiting her in the future, but she'll be okay. She's not sure right now if she'll ever allow herself to be in a relationship ever again, in fact she might go cellibut forever. These feelings will probably pass too in a few weeks, a few months, but for now she'll have to learn to cope.

But then the only problem is, they're still friends, and they'll still see a lot of eachother. What about when he gets a new girlfriend? Will she flip and go crazy, and hate the girl forever, and remember her feelings for the boy and be led to cry in secret for days? Or will she just accept it and leave him to be happy? Right now, of course, she's only concerned for her own happiness, but would only persue that happiness, if that happiness would also make the boy happy. She'd like to think that, when the time comes, she'd respect him and let him be happy with this new girl, but she'd always be wondering if her loves this new girl more than he ever loved her.

She hopes not. She wants to be his number-one girl forever... 

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WomanSavers.com [Jan. 5th, 2007|01:06 pm]
*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*

[how ya feelin doll? |disappointeddisappointed]

Dear Ass-wipe,

I posted you on http://www.womansavers.com for all the world to see how you cheated on me and hurt me emotionally and physically. I pray that you will never hurt another but I know because you are good looking and charming, another prey will fall trap in your web of lies.

Someday a greater power will judge you but until that time I will let the world know my story.

Forever Scarred
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well im new [Mar. 21st, 2006|11:46 am]
*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*

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i just got dumped like 20 min ago, i feel so numb right now, cause i thought we were doing fine. he said he wasnt feeling it and i was and thats not fair to me. but then again, i found out he saw his ex-girlfriend last friday night and he swears up and down that it has nothing to do with her. so im done dating for awhile.
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(no subject) [Mar. 12th, 2006|08:16 pm]
*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*

[how ya feelin doll? |depresseddepressed]
[what ya listenin to? |somebody kill me please]

i got dumped by my boyfriend about 20 minutes ago. he came over and i hadnt seen him for a week and i knew we were having problems but i was willing to work on it. he didnt even seem that upset. we were together for 4 months. i feel worthless and ugly and i want to fall asleep and never wake up...
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(no subject) [Jan. 7th, 2005|10:56 pm]
*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*

first post since i entered the community:)

i'm really trying hard to get over this boy right now.

he liked me for a really really long time... so i figured over the summer (this was last summer), why not? we kissed and it was so magical. i tried not to a couple of days before but he kept trying.. he would kiss my lips but i wouldn't kiss back.. he would tell me how "tempting" i was. it was really flattering. i never had a love like this. i never had anyone like me this much. it was just all so very flattering. then in the middle of all that i had to go to fiji to do some community service work. with all that going on, you'd expect him to wait... when i came back he was like, "i thought you didn't like me anymore so i moved on." but then i told him my real feelings about how i really missed him and he was like, "actually i missed you alot too. i really want to see you."
when we finally had the chance to see each other, he invited a mutual friend of ours to come along and when we were in this photo booth together he's all like grabbing her ass in front of me!! i get so frustrated and i storm out and kinda scream at them.. it made me so mad. we're still "friends that chat" to this day.. and we made plans to see each other but sometimes it just seems he doesn't want to see me so i end up cancelling. i hate him so much yet its so hard to get over him, and i really wish things would've worked out for us.. back in june 2004. its been a over six months. i'm not over him, and it hurts:(

i found some fun things to play around with though. though i haven't done it myself, the idea seems kinda funny. turn in your ex-boyfriend's pics to a community like this one..

stereo_check- The new cutting edge

and see what rating they get!! :)
except this community is just really awesome and more than something to turn your ex's picture in...
so JOIN IT!!!
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a story among many [Dec. 30th, 2004|09:58 pm]
*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*
[how ya feelin doll? |blahblah]

I am new to the community and have a story. It's not about an ex but non the less about a "guy friend". Well me and this guy were pretty good friends for a while and one day out of nowhere he kissed me while I was haning out at his house. Very weird...but for some reason it didn't bother me. Anyways, this kiss led to a series of more kissing and random makeout sessions for about a period of a week. We began to hang out and it seemed like it was starting to become more than friends, until... I saw him at a party totally making out with someone else...By the next week, they were officially a couple and I never got an explanation of what had been going on with us or how long something had been going on with this other girl. All he said ( he told another friend to give me the message) was that "he respected me and didn't want to f*k things up me b/c what he wanted at the moment he would be able to get from this other girl... What a jerk.
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Daniel [Dec. 17th, 2004|09:39 pm]
*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*
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[what ya listenin to? |Christmas music]

He makes me so tense. so nervous so...wow. and yet...I can't bring myself to tell him how I feel.I can be myself around him and still I can't tell him what really runs through my head when he asks "did you miss me?" because I dont want to scare him away. it would kill me to lose him the way I lost Billy. It would break me it would make me completely indescribeable. He's the type of guy that can make me melt just by hugging me. The type of guy that when he stands with me he only watches me and no one else. I love it. I love the feeling I get from him. He makes me numb just by touching me. anywhere. numb. completely numb and i feel like I'm going to whither away into nothing but it feels good. I love this feeling yet I don't exactly know how i'm going to tell him how I feel even though I want him to know so badly.
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My ex went nutso in college and dumped me [Dec. 14th, 2004|12:02 pm]
*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*

My ex-boyfriend Steven broke up with me 2 months ago. He had no good reason that made any sense. We had been dating for 26 months. We partied together and loved each other very much.This year, I am a junior in college and heis a freshman. We both live on campus. I am an R.A., and he is a resident in a different dorm that me. At the beginning of this, his freshman year, he decided that he needs to be alone and that he fell out of love with me. I gave up a full tuition scholarship in South Carolina to come home and be with him. I haven't talked to him in 2 months. He broke my heart into a million pieces and I will never understand why.
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Infidelity [Dec. 13th, 2005|10:11 am]
*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*

Hey There.

I'm a student journalist working on an article for Toro magazine about the nature of infidelity. I am looking for stories about unfaithful partners, and how that has shaped your perspective on relationships in general. If there is anyone there who wants to share their own experience, I would love to talk to you via email or phone (whatever you prefer). Thanks for your time,

email: t4thomps@ryerson.ca
Tiff Thompson
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I have been there in the dumps [Nov. 30th, 2004|01:12 pm]
*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*

[how ya feelin doll? |ecstaticecstatic]

So there I was. In love with the most wonderful man, so I thought. It was the first time in my 30 years I had ever thought about children, marriage, etc. Out of no where he started treating me like shit and then he dumped me. It was the worst breakup I have ever experienced. I went into a deep severe depression and I never thought I would return. Friends had to come over and force feed me. I came out alive and only stronger. I did research, bought books and figured out what happened. I eventually got the jerk crawling back to me on his hands and knees. (I didn't take him back). I eventually started a website about breakups and surviving them. I even wrote a book on how to get your ex back as well as three other books. I think I am gunna be okay.
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Yet another tear cry, another drop of blood that falls to the floor. [Nov. 13th, 2004|10:25 am]
*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*
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 Hello, I'm new here. Im Valerie. Im 16 and I live in Port Richey Florida. there now you know me.

I just thought I'd let you know that with me its always the same guy.
The same guythat I cry over the one i cut over th one that just
completely overtakes me.

My StoryCollapse )

So thats my story. the patheticness of it is unreal.and thats whats sad. i love him tho. forever. i hope he knows that.
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(no subject) [Nov. 4th, 2004|03:23 am]
*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*

This is a long story.. anyway one night when I was 14 almost 15, I was at my best friend, Meagan's house we were playing basketball and she called her half brother, Keith who was 18, that she had just met, they didn't grow up together or anything, well I threw the ball and it didn't hit the goal and I said "airball" and Meagan said Keith said the samething the sametime I did, and I said well we should meet. So we met at the skating rink. Well at first I didn't like him, but he was at the skating rink every Saturday and I knew he liked me cuz he used to follow me around at the skating rink and all. Well I guess I had a change of heart cuz when he asked me out I said yea. It lasted about 2 or 3 weeks and then I broke up with him cuz I never got to see him and when I did his half sister (my best friend, Meagan) was always in between us. Then when I was 15 we started talking again and he asked me out again and I said yea. This time it lasted only 2 weeks, cuz again we never got to see each other and I really didn't like him enough, so I ended up breaking up with him again. When I was 16 I started going to the highschool he went to, he had failed senior year. All through that school year he was writing me letters, and wanting to go back out with me. Expecially when I started dating this other guy. Well he graduated early and about 6 months later that school year ended, I was in the tenth grade. My dad past away in May that year. So I was depressed about that and I ended up not going back to school in August. Keith and I had went our seperate ways. I didn't know anything that went on with him, but later I found out he had moved in with his mom and was seeing this other girl that was also living with them, and then they got engaged, and I couldn't have cared less. I was 17 around this time and things weren't working out with them and they broke up, and Meagan told me Keith was asking about me. But I told her I wasn't interested. But Meagan and I still went out to his house to chill and drink or whatever. Then he started seeing the girl he was engaged to again, so Meagan and I stopped going out there. Well some time had past and I turned 18, and Keith and I had been talking online and he said he had broke up with that girl for good. By this time Meagan had her own place and Keith came to stay the weekend with Meagan so he could see me. I came by and saw him one night, and I stayed the night. We slept together but never had sex. I left and went back home, and he was calling me and calling me, finaaly he gave up and went back to his mom's house and started seeing this other girl, then he broke up with her cuz he wasn't happy with her and wanted to be with me. Well at this time my boyfriend and I broke up and I was sad about that. I drove to his mom's house one night and picked him up so he could stay the weekend at Meagan's house while I was there. We ended up having sex for the first time, and he asked me out and I said we could have an open relationship. I left and didn't come back to Meagan's for a week, and he ended up moving in with her. When I came back he had written me 2 love letters. Then I started staying every weekend there. UNTIL I started getting these bad vibes.. Read more...Collapse )
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hi everyone [Oct. 10th, 2004|09:54 pm]
*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*

i have just broken up with my boyfriend of a year. we were so good together until we went on holiday together in august. he slept with some tramp 15 year old and all my friends knew and i didn't find out for 3 days. i decided i could maybe give him another chance so we stayed together and kept it casual and i was starting to forgive him and trust him. i finally felt good about myself again and i was thinking maybe things were gonna be ok. then on thursday, out of the blue, he just comes out with 'i just don't feel the same for you any more.' and dumps me. after a year!

now i'm blaming myself and i really hate myself right now. i didn't support him enough. i didn't give him enough space. i'm really depressed. i don't know what to do and i'm scared i'm going to do something stupid.

please someone help. my friends just say it'll take time to move on.

so we decided to spend one last night together to forget all the shit thats happened recently and part on good terms. so there were no tears, just happiness like old times and we made love, once on friday night and once on saturday morning. so i was happy. i thought maybe we could be friends. then this morning he texts me and says he went to the pub with this girl he fancied from before we started going out. he met her 7 hours after we had sex. and then he told me about it.

and all i want to do is talk to him. he's my best friend and i just want to hear his voice. but i can't. it's killing me.
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My rant.... [Aug. 31st, 2002|01:23 pm]
*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*

[how ya feelin doll? |draineddrained]
[what ya listenin to? |hear my name - armand van heldan]

Ok...well ill start off by saying that im a lesbian-bisexual, which basically means i dont mind sex with guys if it comes up but otherwise i much prefer womyn. So on this one occasion, sex with a guy did come up...and since i was going through a drought, i figured what the hell. its only a casual and since he's bi he wont get attached and he will be more than happy to be honest with me. hmm...so i thought.
it began well. the sex was good and he was honest and sincere with me. he had had a child to his ex wife 2 years previous and so she still was a prominent figure in his life cos of joint custody. then 2 weeks into it he tells me that he is still living with his ex boyfriend. thats cool...@ least he told me before i found out from someone else. he said they were just friends and that he was staying with till he found a new place . fine with me, whatever. as long as there was nothing else going on.
so anyways, i admit that i opened up to him more than i wouldve liked to cos we had very similar backgrounds. but it was a comfort to relate to someone on that level for a change, instead of just being pitied. although my friends during the whole time hated him, he was my escape from life and i did find myself very relaxed in his company. but because it was only a casual, i was often looking for girls on the side. which, after about 2 months, i did manage to meet a girl i was interested in and hooked up with her. she was aware of the arrangment i had with him and everything was cool, well so i thought. a day after i hooked up with her, i recive this abusive message from him saying that its not fair etc about how im treating him...blah blah blah. so much for me thinking i was in a casual!! regardless of me telling him about her!!! then it went down hill from there. everything we seemed to do or anything that happened to be said in conversation was misinterpreted and we basically just grew apart in a matter of 2 weeks. by the end of it i was fairly exhausted of explaining myself and one night after a massive argument over some petty crap, i told him it was over. he started crying and trying to make me feel guilty for not wanting to be with him exclusively etc and got up and left. hmm...as you can imagine, i was relieved. no more issues in my life and i could now finally get on with putting all my energy into this new girl.
the following fortnight i saw him out, and that was cool. i was very civial with him and did the whole "how are you? what you been up to" rant. i was out with my new girlfriend, whom he knew from the night her and i hooked up, and we were being fairly affectionate. now i dont know whether it was in an attempt to make me jealous or if he was because he was still bitter, but he sat down with one of my flatmates and started bragging to her about how he never broke up with his boyfriend and that he was just using me on the side!!! then he had the nerve to tell her that he'd prefer his son to have 2 daddy's rather than a crack whore like me anyway!!! umm...excuse me!!! for starters ive never done crack and dont plan on doing so. secondly, it was a casual!! i was never gonna be a guardian to his son. the whole time we were "fucking" i only saw him twice!! and thirdly, he was the one telling me that he couldnt see himself ever being with another guy cos he loved women too much and that the guys he had seen in the past were just flings anyways to see whether he liked it or not. hmm...whatever. i refuse to be blamed for his insecurities. if he cant accept his sexuality then he should stop blaming, using, lying and hurting people. and even though im now hated by his boyfriend, my sympathy does go out to him. hes an older gay man wrapped up with a bisexual fuck-witt whos just playing constantly with his emotions. if only he could swallow his pride and walk away from this destructive individual.
anyways, he then proceeded to hit onto my flatmate, who isnt much of a friend to me but she still had the courtesy to slap him in the face :) thanx hunny!! she bet me to it.

so anyways, the moral of the story for me, is to never trust a bisexual male again when it comes to casual sex. and if your friends dont like them, then they aint gonna be worth knowing in the end. i dont regret this experience but damn, i have definitely learnt my lesson....

(sorry if it was hard to read or understand. im very tired and i just needed to get it all out of my system as fast as i could type. but i did inform you that it was a rant...)
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i'm the ex bf [Jul. 18th, 2004|12:07 pm]
*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*

so yea, i don't know what to do.

My gf cara and i had been dating for a year and 7 months before 2 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago i told her how i hooked up with a girl about 6 months into our relationship and how one of my best friends kissed me in september. She sort of new b/c 5 and a half months into our relationship we stopped talking for about a month. I was hanging out with my 2 friends 1 male and 1 female. we were drinking and playing cards when my male friend left us drunk and alone.

i woke up the next morning realizing what a terrible mistake i had made and i've been trying to forget about it ever since. Everytime she got jealous or accused me of cheating or hanging out with female friends i just felt so guilty but i couldn't bring myselft to tell her b/c i knew she would never forgive me and i love her, i really do.

2 weeks ago we had a fight (we've been having a lot of them lately - i think they were mostly resulting from my guilt and her beliefs that i was hanging out with my friends too often

the fight ended in us deciding to start over and i told her before wee started over i had to come clean.

she won't forgive me, she thinks that our entire relationship since last may was a complete lie. i love her so much but i don't think there's any way to get her back. We were hanging out on thursday and friday doing "date-type" stuff and i thought we could be getting back together.

she hung out with her friends last night and decided that she can't see or talk to me for a while.

i guess that's a synopsis of the other side of the story, i know the girls are supposed to talk about what scumbags the exes are but i'm telling you flat out what a scumbag i am

i don't deserve to get her back, but i really love her
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amazing... [Jun. 17th, 2004|03:42 am]
*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*

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This is about Rory. Rory is this guy I met through a friend I went to high school with. They both ended up going to same college and she eventually introduced him to me. This was way back in Sept. I wasn't interested in him at all then, mainly cause i liked someone else at the time. Anyway, in Feb. is when this craziness started. He had been dating this chick Nikki for awhile, and Nikki is my friend Maria's roommate at college. I had been hanging out with them all from time to time doing different stuff and I decided I was going to go get my tongue pierced and Rory has his tongue pierced so I just figured they all might want to come along with me and support. They did. Rory Nikki and Maria. Came back their dorm after it was finished, fine and good. And then Rory asked me if I wanted to go downstairs with him to get some food, eventhough I couldn't eat. So we talked in the elevator and while waiting on the food and it seemed to really hit it off. So, Rory is a huge internet guy, carries his laptop around everywhere. He, that night asked me for my IM and email and later that evening we talked online. In fact for the next two weeks we talked online all the time, nonstop. He was still with Nikki though, but their relationship was crap and he wanted out, but wasn't sure how to go about doing it, he had never really broken up with a girl before, usually they cheated and it was over. So anyway, we kept talking and one night we admitted that we liked each other and have for awhile and so he invited me over the next evening to watch this movie. Nothing happened that night, but just us hanging out together. Next day he comes over and we have sex that night. It went too far and in the heat of the moment I didn't stop to think about Nikki at all. So basically from that point I had to wait until he ended stuff with her, which took forever. So finally they broke up and it was all good between him and me, and then eventually we started seriously dating and it was all good. Then tragedy, his computer was stolen, his life came crumbling down and so he deicded that it would probably be best if we chilled for awhile, no kissing, no sex, nada. So it took me awhile to finally be okay with that, but I did. And for basically a month we had touched each other except for hugs.
Alright, so there's the main story....now the clencher! :) My birthday was this past Monday. I had asked him like last Thursday if his gift to me could be sex...and he agreed. Cause that's what I wanted and he had no money really to get anything else for me, so why not? Turns out he has plans that on Saturday night/Sunday morning to have sex with me. It was great, blah blah blah. Sunday night however, I'm up late, and I'm cruising the internet, looking at different friend's journals and their friends journals and I go and read over our friend Lindsay's journal, she's really his friend, but I like her, she's funny. So i read this entry about Friday night, her, Rory, and two other people go out to this dam, which also happened to be the place he took me and my friends the next evening...cute huh. She took him back home and its late and so he lets her sleep there, that's not a big deal at all, but then I read further and she's saying how they had been joking about getting "together" forever, since they've pretty much known each other. And so they figure its a good idea to go ahead and make out! Okay, now it was a tad bit more cryptic than that, but enough that made me keep repeating it over and over again and keep coming back to it a few days later. So, I go back and read her journal again Wednesday early morning at like 3am, and she's rambling on about her failing relationship with her fiance, whom is a great guy, I dunno why she's freaking out so much, but she states about how she's tells him about this other dude Brandon and then Rory, and says she apologizes for that. So, that got me, why would she need to apologize. They did kiss. So I go to bed, stew in my juices of course. Get up the next late evening, read the entry again. So I take a shower, get dressed and call Rory to wake him up to tell him I'm coming over before work. So I finish getting dressed, grab up all the shit he ever let me borrow, got for me as a gift and a few dollars that I have in an account FOR HIM! I go over there, have him come out and sit in the car. I pulled out all this stuff and hand it over to him. Now he knows that if I hand this armband he let me borrow back that I'm done with him. And he's confused though of course. So I say..."One name...Lindsay". he says, "yeah, what about her" I'm like, well, you know, and he says well, speak on, I'm say, no maybe you SHOULD have spoke on it awhile ago. He still acts stupid. So I tell him to get out the car and I leave. I'm in tears driving to work this afternoon. And I get there extra early, so I sit in the parking lot and call him. I asked him why he had to do it, he said, what, and so I told him, you kissed Lindsay. He goes into this thing about how it was like kissing his grandma and says some shit "haven't you ever kissed ur best friend?" HELL NO!! My best friends are mostly girls, and then one GAY guy. I don't need to be kissing MY friends when I have YOU to kiss. Why the fuck did you need to kiss her? ..."just to see what it was like"...that's bullshit man, apparently you two have been thinking about it for awhile now, so its more like you have feelings for her...what the hell about me? I thought you liked me. I mean, I know we're not technically together anymore, but come on, you say you're trying to stay in fucking Ohio for me, but you go and kiss some over girl who HAPPENS to be engaged? He goes on to say shit about how I'm making a big deal out of nothing and that I need to just calm down and come get my stuff back. I tell him I don't want it back and he doesn't like seem too torn up about that. He does apologize and keeps going on about it not being that big of a deal. So, his mom randomly picks up the phone and asks him to do something and I need to go to work. So we stop talking. I call him after I get off work, he asks me to come over and play Uno with him and his family. So I do, cause i'm nice and his mom likes me. He gets stupid and angry in the middle of this game and so he quits and goes to his room, I keep playing forever with them. And my main purpose was to go over there and talk to him, but that shit took too long and his mom is like kicking me out cause its late now. So he walks me out to the car and tries to hand me my stuff back and I'm like...nah...I don't want it anymore, apparently you want someone else, go be with her. So, I close and lock all the doors and drive off.

He's a fucking asshole. Like, okay, sure this isn't as bad as it could be, he didn't have sex with her and he did say he was sorry, although that isn't good enough. But I dunno, like I'm not as pissed off about this anymore, after going through work, because we aren't together anymore...he can do whatever he wants. But the fact that he did cheat on Nikki with me had always made me AND my friends weary of him just because of that and now that's the issue. He says he still likes me and blah blah blah. But this makes no sense at all. Like, I seriously think he wanted to go further with her, but she cut it off, at least that's what she put in her journal, that she cut it off, cause she felt bummed about her dude. WhAT Is WRONG WIth THESE PEOPLE!!?!?!?

*sigh* okay, im done
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heartbroken [May. 27th, 2004|12:58 pm]
*Rants about ex-boyfriend/new girlfriends*

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someone please help me my boyfriend dumped after 9months while i was on vacation and if thats not bad enough he went out with anohther girl 3days later dumped her messed around with his best friends girlfriend and messed around with my best friend and made out with some other girl i still love tho he hurt me so much and doesnt even care...=( save me AIM-EX Disciple666
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